How Do I?

frequent questions picHere you can find answers to frequently asked questions and guides on how certain components of Probill work. This information applies to the most current version of Probill (ver. 2.8) if you are running an earlier version of the software some of these features may not be available to you. If you would like to upgrade your software or learn more about the newest version please call us at the number provided below.

  1. How do I order Probill Software and what is included?
  2. How do I network Probill to view the database on multiple computers?
  3. How do I email documents or recurring invoices out of Probill?
  4. Why do invoice emails sometimes look misaligned?
  5. What is Mail Processing and how can I set it up?
  6. When is the deadline to upload my Mail Processing?
  7. How can I run Credit Cards or process Electronic Checks through Probill?
  8. What is the contact information for PaySimple, Vericheck, or USA ePay?
  9. How do I change my password on the Credit Card / ACH terminal?
  10. How do I setup Probill on a new computer?
  11. How do I back up or restore data in Probill?
  12. How do I use the document editor to create, edit, or send documents?
  13. How do I print mailing labels from Probill?
  14. How can I print a document on the back of my recurring bills?
  15. I am having trouble printing out of Probill, how can I fix this?
  16. Will Probill run on a Mac?
  17. Can I put Probill on my smartphone or tablet?
  18. What do I do if I get an error in Probill?
  19. How do I add online bill pay to my website?
  20. How do I enable version 2.8 credit card and ACH options?
  21. How do I charge late fees? 
  22. A special thank you.
  23. What are the benefits of accepting electronic payments?
  24. Keep in touch.
  25. Postal increase
  26. Staying current with electronic payments
  27. How do I search for reports?
  28. What is recurring billing?

If you are unable to find an answer to your problem in these pages please contact technical support at 1-800-409-4997 or email us at